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We utilize green and efficient building strategies to make your home more affordable and healthier to live in. Below are some of our strategies.

Smart Design

Every project starts with a good plan. Our design affiliates have a keen eye for detail and have a focus on practicality and sustainability. In the planing stages we collectively choose appropriate building materials and layouts, to maximize our efficiency. Using 3D rendering we can bring your project to life.

Building Envelope

Air tight. Your home's building envelope seals and protects your home's important parts (roof, ceilings, exterior walls and floors). Maintaining and improving your home's building envelope is one of the most effective ways in reducing costs related to heating and cooling. By reducing air leakage we can improve your home's efficiency while improving air quality. 


R- value refers to the thermal resistance value of a material. Using the proper R- value insulation for each application (attic, wall and floor) we can further minimize your home's efficiency. We utilize select framing strategies and products to increase the effectiveness of the insulation.

Windows & Doors

Performance matters. We offer an assortment of high performance windows and doors. These products are more durable and efficient than standard windows and doors. During the design stage we can maximize your efficiency with the style, positioning and ratio of glass to floor area of your windows.

Energy Efficient Lighting

A bright future. Whether we are lighting up a hallway or setting the mood in your home theater, lighting is important. By using new, more energy efficient fixtures and bulbs we can reduce your energy bill while achieving your desired look.


An impact you can't see. Common paints contain harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs can cling to many surfaces such as carpet, wood and fabrics. By committing to low and zero VOC paints we help improve indoor air quality for your family and pets.



One step at a time. Replacing your current staircase can be costly and impactful on the environment. Bring your old stairs back to life with sustainable refinishing techniques.


Why wood? Wood naturally has a higher insulation value (R-value) compared to steel and plastics. Using wood products, we can reduce your home's energy loss. We pride our selves in using Canadian grown and manufactured wood products. Canada has some of the best regulations in place to protect and grow our forests. In Canada, wood truly is a renewable resource.

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