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AutumnHill Homes - Oakville Basements

Whether you've just moved or have been living in Oakville for years, your basement can be a great asset, don't let this valuable space go to waste. Create a warm and finished space that is loaded with all the comforts you and your family need. From a home entertainment center, bar, or an extra bedroom, let AutumnHill Homes make your dream Oakville basement a reality.


Why Should I Renovate My Basement?


Energy efficiency - A properly finished basement will out preform an unfinished or poorly finished basement. By renovating your basement with a solid design and quality materials, you will see a large increase in your home's energy efficiency. With a properly finished basement you will be able to regulate temperature and reduce heat lose. Limiting heat lose in your home will help reduce your carbon footprint which will also translate into a long lasting cost savings for your home. AutumnHill Homes is proud to be one of the only renovators in Oakville that are apart of the Canadian Green Building Council (CGBC). 

Value added - Any time you create or finish a space in your home, you are creating value. Whether you're renovating for your growing family or looking at resale, the more usable space in your home the better. The basement of your home can equate up to 50% of your total square footage, once renovated, will increase your home's total value. 


Healthier living - Unfinished basements are typically damp and musty. Your basement's inherent dampness can contribute to mold growth and poor air quality. Household mould can have a negative effect on your families health. By using modern building strategies that go Above And Beyond, a properly finished basement will help your home's over all health. 


House hold needs - The needs of you and your family are ever changing. Sometimes its a in-law suite, a home office, a gym, or as simple as a place for your little ones to run around. What ever your needs are, utilizing your basement is always a great place to start. Our Team at Autumnhill Homes will listen to your needs and work with you on how to best meet them.


Why Should I Hire A Contractor To Finish My Basement? 


There are many benefits to hiring a contractor. Hiring a contractor will address Safety, Liability, Insurance, Permits, Time, Cost, and Expertise. We have gone into depth about these topics in our "Why Hire A Contractor" blog, part 1 & 2. 

AutumnHill Homes is licensed and insured in Oakville, along with other cities in the GTA. AutumnHill Homes is proudly backed by Bryan Baeumler and his "Baeumler Approved" team.




What Are The Steps To Hiring A Basement Contractor? 

In our blog entitled "Steps To Hiring A Contractor", we go over everything you need to consider when searching for the right team to help with your Oakville basement. In our blog we go over, Budgeting, Planning, Contracts, and Expectations.


Are you ready to renovate? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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